Corporate team building activities in Sevilla ( Spain )

AQUI HABLAS, Learn Spanish culture doing team bulding activities with your clients or your company team.

Experience charming locations away from the main typical tourist destinations.
Discover places that you will remember every time you speak Spanish in the future.

Look forward to discovering Spain, Andalusia, Spaniards, its culture, gastronomy, cities, landscapes and beaches in an authentic way with Aqui Hablas, you will do just that actively participating in all our unique activities.

Enjoy! Have fun! Share! Learn and contribute! You won’t just be a mere observer. Your experience will bring you a wealth of experiences, knowledge, experiences that you will be able to take with you wherever you go.

As an example, Team Building for companies in Spainone day you will be in charge of buying the vegetables at Triana market. “Manué” is looking forward to selling you some aubergines and tomatoes, how many kilos do you want? Ripe or green?
On another day you will participate in the winemaking process in the Jerez de la Frontera region, extra virgin olive oil making process, among activities where you will be a staff member, becoming acquainted with and experiencing what these activities are and the products obtained.  Visit AQUI HABLAS